Now church can be for the entire family ... Mom, Dad, the kids and even Fluffy and Fido! Human companions and their well-mannered, leashed dogs, and crated household pets, are now able to participate together in a church service that recognizes the value of all creatures, particularly those that give us love and loyalty and who stand by us no matter what. All faiths are welcome at All Saints Episcopal Church’s half-hour Perfect Paws Pet Ministry, which takes place every third Sunday of the month, starting at 5 p.m. in O’Neill Hall, at our Church on the corner of Holten and Cherry Streets -- across from Town Hall. The All Saints Pet Ministry Services feature:  • A half-hour celebratory Service that welcomes all faiths  • Paper Pet Prayers for those animal friends unable to attend because   of temperament or illness, or those who are deceased.  • Hands-on blessings for animal friends attending  • Holy Communion for those who wish to participate • Pastoral blessing for all who wish it • Homily by Rev. Thea Keith-Lucas Why a People-and-Pets Ministry?
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Perfect Paws Pet Ministry
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• A place where people and animals are spiritual partners ... a place where we foster the respect and love for all life. • Kindness for animals builds a better world for all of us. • Every major faith endorses the responsible stewardship of the earth and all of its creatures.   Caring for animals is our global spiritual responsibility. • All Saints is a church where we share a common commitment to caring for all of God's creatures.
“God is trying to reach us in so many ways in our lives, and one of those ways, a really powerful way for many people, is their relationship with their pet.” -- the Rev. Thea Keith-Lucas
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